In your mind’s eye, picture the last time you were moved to tears, or your heart broke, or your spirit soared,
because of something you read that ignited passion within you. That’s the power of poetry, Touching the Soul,
breathing life and passion into your essence.
Poetry is meant to be read aloud, whether in your head,
or aloud to others. Poetry is meant to be acted out,
each poem staged as a one act play, in, and of itself.
And while it is true that not all poems stir the soul,
those that actually do, are read, again, and again, and again! And embraced as priceless for generations!
My gift to you as reader, is to find a part of this book that connects with you.
This poetry, dear reader, is Simply for You!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Stillness in the Georgian Valley

The sun slowly rises

Filling the valley

With puddles of liquid sunshine

A resolute silence

Bores its way into the morning light


The Soul of this place

Soft, sweet, utterly Zen

Silence pours itself deep within

The crevices of this valley

Creating a canvas

Upon which stick figured trees

Tall and lanky

Hold firm,

Pencil sketched into the landscape,

Branches steely and randomized,

A million lacy tendrils

Splayed across a landscape

Creating a Still-life


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